What in the Wordle? Stone Oak Orthodontic’s Blog Is In The Clouds!

Stone Oak Orthodontics Infographic at Stone Oak Orthodontics
Click on the image above to see a larger version of the Word Cloud.

Stone Oak Orthodontic’s new blog is already three months old! To celebrate we created our blog’s very first Wordle cloud composed from all the different words found on our blog so far. The larger words are ones that have been used most frequently through our blog posts. According to this Wordle Cloud, Dr. Norris takes center stage while the SureSmile Robot has come in for a close second as proven by the huge font size! The other larger words (Orthodontic, Stone Oak, San AntonioInvisalign) are easy to see & offer great descriptions of some of the important aspects of our business.The smaller words (peaches,celebrities, party, etc.), are a little harder to pick out because of how many there are. But, this actually serves as great reminder of all the unique attributes that make Dr. Tito’s Stone Oak Orthodontic’s one of the most exciting practices in San Antonio, TX!

In three months we are going to create another Wordle-generated cloud. It will be fun to see how the cloud changes over time. If you could create a Wordle about Stone Oak Orthdontics, what words would you include? Just for fun, drop us a note in the comments below or on our Facebook page. List 5 words you would use to describe Dr. Norris and the team at Stone Oak Ortho. Which few would be large, how many would be small? You never know….your words may become the largest ones visible in our next word cloud!