Clean and Green, Just the Way Dr. Norris Likes It!

Solar Powered at Stone Oak Orthodontics in San Antonio TX

If you’ve been through the front door of our clinic you’ve passed by Dr. Norris’ message about renewable energy at Stone Oak Orthodontics. We are proud to let the world know the office is fully powered by the wind and the sun. This has been a long term goal for Dr. Norris. Solar panels on the roof and a contract with CPS’s Windtricity program allows Dr. Norris to run a clean energy orthodontic practice. The only one in San Antonio, and quite possibly the only one in the nation! (Though this is not confirmed, just highly suspected!)

In the office we actively try to put into play practical measures to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” Establishing an office based on 100% clean, renewable energy was a major move towards Dr. Norris’ commitment to environmental responsibility. However, there are lots of little ways Stone Oak Orthodontics reinforces their commitment to environmentally sound business practices. When the office moved two doors down from it’s original location to the new expanded office, we eliminated many paper forms and replaced them with a streamlined inter-office communication system. New patients fill out paper work on an iPad, messages delivered between employees takes place through an online messaging system. Patient reminders, notices and even billing details are delivered through email, which minimizes the paper consumption in the office.  Of course, recycling bins are placed throughout the office. Even in the lavatory, patients and guests can elect to utilize cotton hand towels instead of paper. The cotton towels are laundered and resused.

What ways are you taking a leadership role in caring for our environment? Do you have recycle bins throughout your house? Do you use reusable shopping bags as often as possible? Have you reduced your paper consumption through electronic communications? Or, maybe you’ve been to the office and have seen some area where we could improve; do you have a suggestion for how we can do more to reduce our carbon footprint at Stone Oak Ortho?

Drop us a note in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!