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All are not lost who wander….Orthodontist-Houston-Yvonne

Anyone who knows Dr. Tito Norris can see that he exercises. He makes it a part of his daily life.

Recently he gave each of his staff members the gift of fitness by way of a Fitbit watch. This step counting device is a great tool to increase your awareness of how much you move in a given day.

I was particularly thrilled with his generous gift because I am an avid walker. Even as a child, I often got in trouble for losing track of time taking long walks through the acres of pecan groves that belonged to my grandfather.

Through the years, most of my vacations have been planned around my love of hiking. I have walked countless miles on beaches, mountain & desert trails, parks, tracks and neighborhoods.

It is an exercise that you can do anywhere. When visiting a new town or city, there is no better way to meet people and discover out of the way shops and eateries, than to take a long walk in new surroundings. One sees so much more doing this than they would on a treadmill in a hotel gym.

At the tender age of 50, I have run the exercise gauntlet. I worked out with Jane Fonda on VHS tapes. I did aerobics clad in leg warmers and shoulder baring sweatshirts. I worked out in gyms accessorized with heavy leather weight lifting belts. I have danced, zumba’d, sprinted, body pumped and spun myself to exhaustion. I have been the proud owner of every exercise apparatus advertised on late night television. Aside from Suzanne Sommers and Chuck Norris, I can’t say anyone benefitted from my purchases. Walking has always remained a constant activity in my life.

There are countless benefits to getting outside and simply putting one foot in front of the other. Walking is easy on our joints, it improves circulation, strengthens muscles, helps with weight loss, slows bone loss and can help a person live longer.

For me, there is another reason that I love to walk. It has become crucial to my emotional wellbeing. It is a stress relieving gift that I give to myself. Dr. Norris is a firm believer that we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. This is true especially for women who are care givers to so many. We often put our health last.

My evening walks are MY time. I listen to music to soothe my mind, I reflect on my day, I make plans for the future and most importantly, it is my time to be grateful.

It is impossible during this uninterrupted time alone to not be reminded of how very beautiful life can be.